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    Extract Specific Tools from Adminpak.msi

    Posted on by Daniel Petri in Windows Client OS with 1 Comment

    How can I extract only specific Snap-ins from the Adminpak.msi?

    Installing the adminpak.msi will install all of the tools found in it without prompting you which tool to install.

    You can, however, run the installation from the Command Prompt or from the Run menu, and choose which tools to extract and install.

    For example: If you wish to extract only the AD MMC Snap-ins from the Adminpak.msi file, use the following command syntax:

    (Where FeADTools is the abbreviation for “Active Directory Tools”. This will install only the AD-related MMC Snap-Ins).

    Note: Make sure there is no space between the ADDLOCAL and the “=” character, and between the “=” character and the FeADTools switch.

    Note: The adminpak.msi file is not available on the Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Pro CD-ROM, but you can install it from the Windows 2000/2003 Server CD-ROM or download it from Microsoft’s web site see links at the bottom of this page).

    Other abbreviations are:

    • FeRRASConsole – Routing and Remote Access
    • FeDHCPConsole – DHCP
    • FeDNSConsole – DNS
    • FeDFSConsole – Distributed File System
    • FeWINSConsole – WINS
    • FeTAPIConsole – Telephony
    • FeACSConsole – QoS Admission Control
    • FeCERTConsole – Certification Authority
    • FeClusterConsole – Cluster Administrator
    • FeCMAKConsole – Connection Manager Administration Kit
    • FeIASConsole – Internet Authentication Service
    • FeIISConsole – Internet Information Services
    • FeRSConsole – Remote Storage
    • FeTSClientConsole – Terminal Services Client
    • FeTSMgrConsole – Terminal Services Manager

    You can install adminpak.msi directly from the Windows 2000/2003 Server CD media or find it in the %systemroot%\system32 folder on one of your Windows 2000/2003 servers.


    I’ve created this simple script for you to use. Extract the files into the folder where you’ve placed adminpak.msi and double-click the INSTALL.BAT file. Download the files right here:

    Or you can download Adminpak.msi + Installation script right here:

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