Download Windows 2000 Help Files

Posted on January 8, 2009 by Daniel Petri in Downloads with

How can I read the Windows 2000 Help files when I’m away from my server (I have Windows XP on my laptop computer)?

You can now download your choice of Help files for Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or Windows 2000 Datacenter Server. You can install the Help files you need to administer your network, regardless of which Windows 2000 platform you have on your computer, for example on your portable computer running Windows 98 or Windows XP.

Click the link on the bottom of this article to go to the download pages.

After downloading the files, go to the location where you saved the Help files, and then double-click windows.chm to access them.


Windows 2000 Professional Help Files (7.7mb)

Windows 2000 Server Help Files (19.4mb)

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Help Files (20.3mb)

Windows 2000 Data Center Server Help Files (20.19mb)

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