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    Download Other IE Versions

    Posted on by Daniel Petri in Downloads

    I want to download older versions of Internet Explorer. Can I do that?


    I found one site,, that has such packages of older IE versions. I imagine there are others who have similar packages.

    The following links point to files that are not stored on my server. Please make sure you scan them with a good and updated Anti-Virus software.

    Also, if any link stops working for you – please drop me a line.

    Note that these links are for the whole packages and not just the installation exe, so you can d/l them, burn them to CD, and use them to install IE without an Internet connection.

    If you need to manually download the current IE setup and installation files directly from Microsoft follow this tip: Download the full IE package


    IE 6.0 SP1

    IE 6.0

    IE 5.01 + SP2

    Download-Only Setup of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 and Windows XP – 257249


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