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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Don Jones

Don Jones

Curriculum Director, Pluralsight
Blog: https://donjones.com/
Twitter: @concentrateddon

Jones is all about PowerShell. The president and CEO of PowerShell.org, Inc., Jones has written a number of books on PowerShell and runs PowerShell Summits, the Scripting Games and other PowerShell-related events.

At Pluralsight, a video training company with courses for admins, creative pros and IT pros, he’s the Curriculum Director. A Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the area of Cloud and Datacenter Management, he’s a frequent speaker on… you guessed it … PowerShell.

In a recent post, Jones speculated on Active Directory’s future. (Spoiler: There’s a bit of a PowerShell-related angle.)

Let’s Talk About Active Directory’s Future

AD turns 17 this year. That’s a long darn time for a directory service, and you might wonder how much life it’s got left in it. Oh, I don’t mean as in, “Windows Server 2018 is going to eliminate AD!!!!” No. Whatever happens with AD will be an evolution, not a revolution. And I’m not even sure Microsoft has a firm marching plan on this – I think they’re kind of playing it by ear.

But it’s fun to look at what they’re doing, and guess where they might go next.
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