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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Steve Lee

Steve Lee

Co-founder and Programme Lead for Open Accessibility with OpenDirective
Blog: https://medium.com/@stevealee/
Twitter: @stevealee

Lee is focused on bringing together the open source, accessibility and web/mobile technologies disciplines. He is co-founder of OpenDirective.com, which provides development and consulting. He’s an open accessibility consultant, advocate, author and developer, and has been involved in assistive technology software on a variety of fronts. He’s a member of the Apache, Mozilla, GNOME and Ubuntu accessibility communities. He also organizes a variety of open source and other events.

Lee  co-developed the Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) Portal. He’s on the board of Project Possibility, a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging students to create open-source accessibility projects.

In honor of ServerlessCon in Austin this week, here’s Lee’s guest post on AzureServerless.com. He provides some useful links and guidance about what’s happening with Azure Serverless services, including Azure Functions and LogicApps:

Getting Started with Azure Serverless – a Roadmap for Getting up to Speed

This is not a tutorial on using Microsoft’s Azure Serverless offerings. There’s already plenty of those, with more appearing every day as Serverless popularity rapidly grows. Rather, this post provides a roadmap of info you’ll need to use these technologies in your projects or products. Just for good measure we include a few tutorials as well.

Read the rest of his post here.