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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Steve Buchanan

Steve Buchanan

Regional Solutions Director for Concurrency
Blog: http://www.buchatech.com/
Twitter: @buchatech

Buchanan is a regional director with Concurrency, a Microsoft partner in Minneapolis. He is on a team of authors on the just-published Microsoft System Center 2016 Service Manager Cookbook (Second Edition). He’s also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Cloud and Datacenter Management  area, and has worked on solutions involving DevOps, systems and service management and cloud technologies. Buchanan is involved with the MN Azure User Group.

Here’s one of his recent blog posts on the importance of having a security component to your backup strategy:

Backup Strategy Should Include Security

Planning for protection as a part of an IT Service Continuity plan often takes into consideration backup of applications and data as well as restore. But what about security?

When planning for protection of applications and data in your environment security should right up there in the forefront. “Backup Security” should be a key part of the plan.

Security in the context of backup can be thought of #1 as securing the backups, and #2 backups being used as an added measure for security breach mitigation. Let me break this down further.

The link to the rest of his post is here.