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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Noorez Khamis

Noorez Khamis

SharePoint Solutions & Office 365 Cloud Architect, Toyota Canada
Blog: http://www.khamis.net/
Twitter: @nkhamis

Khamis is not only a SharePoint and Office 365 architect, but also a speaker, trainer, community contributor and self-described SharePoint evangelist and records-management expert. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Office Servers and Services, and based in the Toronto area.

Khamis recently blogged about a new Office 365 tool, Secure Score and provided some good admin take-aways about best practices for O365 security.

How Do You Know if Your Office 365 Subscription is in a Secure State?

Little known to many is a really handy feature recently released by Microsoft called the Secure Score.

Secure Score is a totally different way of managing risk on your Office 365 deployment where by instead of reacting to security alerts sent to you by Microsoft, it lets you proactively track and incrementally improve your Office 365 security.

Secure Score figures out which Office 365 services you have along with how they are configured and compares it to a baseline level of security that Microsoft recommends. For good configurations, Secure Score will give you more points and the higher the level of security the higher than score.

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