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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Morio Kumagawa

Morio Kumagawa

SharePoint Practice Lead, New Signature
Blog: https://newsignature.com/blog/
Twitter: @MorioKumagawa

Kumagawa works for Microsoft partner New Signature in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area.

He’s been working with Microsoft technologies for more than 15 years, 10 of which have been all about SharePoint, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s currently focused on the collaboration space, all up.

Because I am continuing to get requests from users who are overwhelmed with the number of collaboration tool choices they have across the industry — and especially within Microsoft itself — I found one of Kumagawa’s latest New Signature blog posts to be quite insightful. Check out the graphics he came up with to help make the landscape more understandable.

(By the way, if you think corporate blogs have to be boring, I’d suggest you check out the New Signature blog in general. Lots of good tips, tricks and analysis of industry news there.)

Collaboration Portals in Office 365

It is great to have choices. But having too many can become overwhelming. We’ve all been at the grocery store and had the same thought; seriously, how many different types of peanut butter does one really need? Office 365 has entered this world… not the world of peanut butter, but the world of too many options.In attempting to allow us the flexibility to do our work in the way we want to, Microsoft has left us with many different paths. At best this requires us to put in more work upfront to determine the best path. At worst, it causes paralysis.

In this post we will explore the different collaboration portal options available in Office 365. I will offer my thoughts on the strengths and weakness of each and what I think they are best suited for. Like everything else in Office 365 this is not an either/or discussion. It’s about finding the right combination of tools to fit your needs.

Check out the rest of his post here.