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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers

Owner, SharePoint Trainer at IW Mentor
Blog: https://wonderlaura.com/
Twitter: @WonderLaura

Rogers, based in Birmingham, Ala., is a well-known speaker, and trainer when it comes to SharePoint and all things Office 365.

She’s also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Office Servers and Services and author of several books on SharePoint and InfoPath. Her personal web site’s tag line is “SharePoint for Non-Developers,” and she provides lots of links, tips and tricks there.

Rogers recently spoke with Jeremy Thake, VP of Product Technology at Hyperfish, a company specializing in Office 365 and Azure, about what PowerApps mean for InfoPath users. PowerApps is one of Microsoft’s newer power-user development tools. It’s meant for building Web and mobile business applications without coding.

Power Apps for InfoPath users with Laura Rogers — Hyperfish Podcast

In this episode, Rogers talks about:

  • What PowerApps is
  • What she sees customers using Power Apps for
  • That you don’t have to use Microsoft Flow with Power Apps, you can use SharePoint Designer Workflows if you want
  • The story for SharePoint Server customers

Listen to the podcast here.