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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Hobie Henning

Hobie Henning

CADC Unit Technology Manager, Auburn University
Blog: https://medium.com/@hobiehenning
Twitter: @hobiehenning

The IT community is broader than the memberships of large and influential influencer groups like Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Regional Directors, Amazon Community Heroes and such. Individual systems admins, IT pros and developers are key, too.

Henning, today’s IT Unity Champ is in this category. He’s been a sysadmin and worked on a help desk in Alabama in previous jobs.

I’ve chatted on Twitter with Henning on several occasions. But it was a recent blog post of his that was very timely and made me take a deeper look.

Given his day job, Henning is able to provide a very relevant perspective on something that’s been in the news as of late — Microsoft’s evolving education strategy, and how the still-unofficially announced Windows Cloud version of Windows 10 fits in.

Thoughts on Windows 10 Cloud edition from an IT Academic Perspective

There has been news of a new version of Windows coming out called the “Windows 10 Cloud” edition. I work for an university IT department for a design college. This provides its own set of unique challenges since we have been interested in the new IT trends of cloud computer and application delivery. We are a Windows-shop, but we support Macs as well for faculty, staff, and students.

Read the rest of his post here.