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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Erik Hougaard

Erik Hougaard

R&D Manager for E Foqus Canada Inc.
Blog: https://www.hougaard.com/
Twitter: @eHougaard

Hougaard is a self-described “cloud first and mobile first kinda guy.” (He also calls himself “the original #WindowsOutsider” in his Twitter profile, which gives you a sense of the kind of sarcastic playfulness you’ll get from him on Twitter.)

Hougaard is more than an amusing Tweeter, though. He works for E Foqus, which is a software company in the worldwide shipping and finance industry. He has designed several Dynamics NAV add-ons.  He’s the primary inventor of uCore, which is a development system for creating business applications. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Business Solutions area, and has been working with Dynamics NAV since he worked for IBM in 1990.

In his free time, he programs robots, builds 3D printers and plays trombone, according to his MVP page.

I’ve found Hougaard useful in helping me keep up with the many twists and turns on the Dynamics 365 roadmap (including the latest Azure and LinkedIn-related curves, announced today, April 24).

Last year, he wrote a post that is mandatory reading for anyone trying to figure out the origins of Dynamics 365, especially the SMB-targeted Business Edition, which is closely connected with Dynamics NAV:

The Life of a NAV Developer in the New Dynamics 365 Reality

Microsoft have now introduced Dynamics 365, part of it built on the foundation and technology of Dynamics NAV.

Dynamics 365 (Business Edition), even though it shares the entire tech stack from NAV, is a different beast.

Read the rest of his post here.