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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Drew Firment

Drew Firment

Managing Partner, Cloud Rumblings LLC
Blog: https://cloudrumblings.io/
Twitter: @drewfirment

Based in Richmond, Virg., Firment is a cloud transition and transformation specialist. He’s an Amazon Web Services Community Hero — recognized by Amazon for his community work and outreach  — and has experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, especially as it pertains to the cloud.

In his current position at Cloud Rumblings, Firment works with customers around cloud ane enterprise strategy, governance, engineering and education, according to his LinkedIn page. Previously, he worked in a variety of technical engineering roles at Capital One.

In an evergreen blog post from last year, Firment delved into the talent-transformation part of cloud adoption:

Talent Transformation is Really the Hardest Part of Cloud Adoption

Operating in the cloud is a paradigm shift for organizations. The transition is difficult, requiring a different mindset and a new set of skills. The effort and investment required to transform talent is significant.

The key to cloud adoption is a talent transformation program that enables cloud fluency across your entire organization. Establishing a common language amongst a critical mass is foundational to your success.

Read the rest of his blog post here.