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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Colin Melia

Colin Melia

Company Founder, Architect & Trainer, Ace of Clouds Inc.
Blog: https://colinizer.com/
Twitter: @colinizer

Melia’s company provides consulting and training across a wide swath of Microsoft products and technologies, including Windows, HoloLens, Azure, IoT, SQL business intelligence and Universal Windows Platform apps. In addition to his work at Ace of Clouds, Melia also is one of 100 Microsoft Regional Directors and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the area of Windows Development.

Melia is a frequent speaker at tech conferences, events and code camps, and is also a college academic advisor. During a recent MVP-led TechDays event, Melia offered some useful points on how to get started with DevOps:

Getting Started with DevOps

In this session we’ll introduce the 7 core practices of DevOps. We’ll then take a look at how we can take the code for a website and apply some of those practices. This starts by putting the code under source control, and then applying Continuous Integration. We’ll follow this up with Continuous Deployment to a site hosted on Azure. You’ll see how you can use free tools for all of this.
Watch the rest of his presentation here.