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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Chris Pietschmann

Chris Pietschmann

Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Opsgility
Blog: https://buildazure.com
Twitter: @crpietschmann

Pietschmann is truly a jack of all Azure trades. (And he’s building up a wealth of information on HoloLens and IoT Core, too.) Based near Milwaukee, WI, he’s not only an Azure Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Functions as a Service expert, but also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Azure. He also is the founder of the Milwaukee Azure user group.

His Build Azure site is a self-described “showcase of unique and aggregated content that focuses on EVERYTHING Microsoft Azure; from Developer to IT Pro. The site contains videos, tutorials, open source showcases, and much more!”

Pietschmann is good with up-to-date analysis, as well. Check out his recent post on the news that Microsoft is bringing Windows Server to ARM:

Windows Server running on ARM CPUs, Azure is Next!

So far the servers within Microsoft Azure data centers have been running Intel processors (CPUs). For a long time I’ve wondered if the power
efficiency of ARM CPUs could make them more cost effective than Intel x64 CPUs that are more powerful. It’s possible through the use of parallel
computing that distributing load across many more ARM CPU cores that consumer lower power could be more cost effective than distributing the same
load across fewer more powerful Intel CPUs. Since I first came up with the idea, I’ve assumed that ARM would be more cost effective, however, I
haven’t seen anything to back it up. With recent news about Microsoft exploring Windows Server running on ARM, and ARM based cloud server, it
looks like they’re dedicating some serious money to this very research effort.

Read the rest of his post here.