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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Chad Z. Hower

Chad Z. Hower

Self-employed; professional speaker
Blog: https://github.com/CosmosOS/Cosmos

Hower, who in a previous life was a Regional .NET Developer Evangelist for Microsoft in the Middle East and Africa, has gone on to do a bunch of new and interesting things.

In addition to speaking professionally about various topics in the software industry, he’s also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Visual Studio and Development Technologies area and chair of several open-source projects.

I spoke with Hower back in 2008 when I first heard about Cosmos, which stands for “C# Open Source Managed Operating System.” In spite of its name, Cosmos isn’t an operating system, per se, nor does it require C#, though its kernel was built using that language. Cosmos is a set of Lego-like .NET building blocks to contruct operating systems.

Hower and team built Cosmos to test the managed-code boundaries — somewhat like Microsoft itself did with Singularity and Midori.

Thanks to one of my Twitter buds, @josefajardo, I saw that there’s been a flurry of recent work around the .Net Core branch of the project. There’s no blog post (that I’ve found, anyway) to read about what’s happening, but for anyone interested in open source/OS work that may one day make it into production, the Cosmos the GitHub site is worth checking out.

There’s also this interview with Hower from Microsoft Channel 9 last year that’s worth a watch, as well.