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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Andrew Connell

Andrew Connell

Founder, Chief Course Artisan and Instructor at Voitanos LLC
Blog: http://www.andrewconnell.com/
Twitter: @andrewconnell

When your title is “Chief Course Artisan,” you better be good at crafting courses. Connell, a frequent conference speaker, co-host of the “Microsoft Cloud Show” podcast, and founder of a training and education company focused on Office 365, Azure and SharePoint, definitely fills the bill.

Connell is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Office Development, Servers and Services area. In addition to Office 365 and Azure, he’s also done work in the .NET, Angular, Node.js and Docker technology areas.

Connell has been blogging and presenting quite a bit recently about the SharePoint Framework. He recently presented at SPTechCon in Austin and covered the Microsoft Graph in one of his talks. Given Microsoft is anticipated to talk more about the Microsoft Graph at its upcoming Build 2017 conference in May, Connell’s presentation provides a good foundation for anyone who may be working with the Graph, going forward.

SPTechCon Austin, TX Followup | Microsoft Graph + SharePoint Framework

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to present a few sessions at the SPTechCon conference in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, my trip home hasn’t gone as planned as I’m not on my third flight option after two cancellations due to the bad weather in the southeast US still impacting flights… so I had time to get this post done.

One of my sessions covered the Microsoft Graph. This session covered the basics of getting started with the Microsoft Graph including app registration, authentication & understanding what it was. Then I spent the majority of the time taking a look at some of the different tools and samples Microsoft has to offer.

To get his slides and demos from the talk, go here and submit your email address.