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Today's ITUnity Champ:

Adam Fowler

Adam Fowler

IT Operations Manager and Freelance Writer
Blog: https://www.adamfowlerit.com
Twitter: @AdamFowler_IT

Fowler, based in Adelaide, Australia, does IT operations management for Pier Alderman. But he’s also a prolific freelance writer on a variety of enterprise IT topics, including PowerShell, Azure, Active Directory, Windows, Office 365 and more. He’s a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Cloud and Datacenter Management.

Fowler recently wrote a couple of posts about Azure Active Directory B2B, a somewhat under-the-radar, but key service that enables authentication between business-to-business partners. His latest covers some new additions to Azure AD B2B worth noting:

Azure AD B2B PowerShell Invites

I’ve written about Azure AD B2B before, as well as then giving those invited users access to SharePoint Online, but there’s been a lot of changes since I started using it. Have a read of my original article if you’re interested to see how I’m using B2B and why.

Azure AD B2B is still in preview, but in Feb 2017 a bunch of improvements were added. Part of these changes were around using the new Azure portal rather than the Classic Portal, and with that is the removal of inviting users via CSV file and uploading it to Azure AD. This was exactly the way I was using it, so I had to change to one of the newer methods.

Read the rest of his post here.