Windows 7

Windows 7 Editions Comparison

with 4 Comments by Jason Zandri

With its planned upcoming release of Windows 7, presently slated for release in early 2010, Microsoft has released some information as to the different editions of Windows 7 that may be available for use by consumers for purchase, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and corporations for use in their enterprise as part of their open and / or volume licensing agreements through their reseller. Learn all about these new versions of Windows 7 in this hot article by Jason Zandri!

Windows 7 Cool Feature – Problem Steps Recorder

by Daniel Petri

In Windows 7 (currently in beta), Problem Steps Recorder is a new feature that will record each and every step a user takes and document the entire operation in both screen captures and step-by-step details. It will save the resulting capture in a ZIP file allowing the user to easily send it by e-mail or file share to a support professional. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri will walk you through using this cool tool.

Windows 7 Performance Tweaks

by Brien Posey

In an effort to atone for Windows Vista’s excessive resource consumption, Microsoft has designed Windows 7 to perform better than Vista on comparable hardware. Even so, Brien Posey explains that there are still things that you can do to improve the way that Windows 7 performs.

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    Installing Windows 7 Beta

    by Daniel Petri

    Windows 7 is the name of the next version of Windows-based operating system. Windows 7 is next version of the Windows client operating and is on track to be available approximately 3 years after the release of Windows Vista. As a Microsoft Windows support professional, one of your tasks may be to install the operating… Read More