Windows Vista

Add “Remove Temporary Files” and “Run Disk Cleanup” to right-click menu

with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

Through several registry modifications, you can create an enhanced “right-click” menu for the Recycle Bin. The new options will allow you to delete the temporary files in the following two directories: %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Temp and %SystemRoot%\Temp. Additionally, another menu will be created that will allow you to run the disk cleanup utility. Please be aware that this… Read More

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    Install WAMP on Windows Vista

    with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

    If you recently upgraded to Microsoft Vista, you can enhance the functionality of Vista by turning it into a server. Among many other possibilities, running Vista as a server will let you host web pages, share your documents with friends and family, and allow you to access your documents from outside your local area network.… Read More

    Vista Command Prompt

    with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

    The Command Prompt is a native Windows program that lets you execute commands without using a GUI. You can accomplish pretty much every task in the Command Prompt as you can with the GUI and a mouse. The Command Prompt gets its roots (arguably) from a combination of UNIX and MS-DOS. Consider it "Windows without… Read More

    Work with Vista Hibernation – Quickly  Enable Hibernation & Quickly Disable Hibernation

    with 5 Comments by Daniel Petri

    Hibernation is a term used for laptops and portable computers. Windows Vista (like XP before it) supports the industry standard power management technology known as the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (or ACPI). This allows the operating system to control power to the computer's disk, monitor and peripheral devices. The power management features in Windows… Read More

    What is UAC in Windows Vista?

    with 5 Comments by Daniel Petri

    What is User Account Control (UAC)? When Windows launched Vista in 2008, it brought a large list of improvements over previous versions. One of the largest selling points for Vista was the increased security that it offered and one of the central aspects of this increased security is UAC, but exactly what is UAC? Windows… Read More