Windows Vista

How can I install Windows Vista?

with 8 Comments by Daniel Petri

How can I install Windows Vista? As a Microsoft Windows Vista support professional, one of your tasks may be to install the operating system. Step #1: Plan your installation When you run the Windows Vista Setup program, you must provide information about how to install and configure the operating system. Thorough planning can make your… Read More

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    Mounting Vista Backups

    by Daniel Petri

    Windows Vista has a new backup utility called "Backup Status and Configuration". This tool replaces previous operating systems' NTBACKUP software, which can be found in Windows 2000/XP/2003. You can read more about Vista's new backup tool in my "Using Backup Status and Configuration in Vista", "Restore NTBACKUP Backups from Windows XP to Windows Vista" and… Read More

    How to Hide Updates in Vista

    with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

    When working with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 one could easily select which updates they did NOT want to be installed on their computer, and then un-check the V in the appropriate checkbox near the specific update they did not want to receive.For example, I've used this method to block the installation of Internet… Read More

    Remove the Windows Mail splash screen

    by Daniel Petri

    Windows Mail is an excellent client-based email application bundled into Windows Vista and described by Microsoft as the following: "Windows Mail in Windows Vista addresses today's serious concerns about junk mail, e-mail, and phishing attacks, while adding new features that help you search and manage the increasing volume of e-mail messages that you receive. If… Read More