Windows Vista

Get Your Desktop Icons Back in Vista

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Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008 and even Windows 7 for that matter) are configured so that after the installation completes and the user first logs on, the desktop is totally empty from any icons, and only the Recycle bin is present. While this setup might fit some users, most users want control over their old desktop icons. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri will show you how to do that.

Microsoft Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool

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If you’re running Windows Vista, this tool can verify whether your existing Internet router supports advanced features, such as improved download speeds. The tool is intended to be run from a home network behind a home Internet (NAT) router. Running this tool from behind a corporate firewall or on operating systems other than those specified […]

Change the Default Boot Partition in Windows Vista

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With the release of Windows Vista, many users have been dual booting between Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unfortunately, the process of changing the boot operating system is not entirely intuitive. Windows Vista has a little known, but very useful tool, that allows the user to select which operating system to load when dual (or […]

Introduction to the Windows Vista Reliability and Performance Monitor – Generate a System Health Report

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One of the many upgrades to Windows Vista is the Reliability and Performance Monitor. The following is the description of the Reliability and Performance Monitor from the help file: “You can use Microsoft® Windows® Reliability and Performance Monitor to examine how programs you run affect your computer’s performance, both in real time and by collecting […]

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