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Configure Recovery Console Auto Logon

by Daniel Petri

Can I configure the Windows XP/2000/2003 Recovery Console to auto-logon whenever I run it? Yes, but be warned! By doing this, any user can gain access to your computer by using the Recovery Console and without being prompted for an administrative password. To set an automatic administrator logon for the Recovery Console, complete the following… Read More

Add Context Menu Search Back to Vista SP1

by Daniel Petri

Microsoft has recently published the KB 941946 article outlining changes to Windows Vista's desktop search in SP1. Windows Vista SP1 allows the user to change their default desktop search provider from the built-in Windows Desktop Search that ships with Windows Vista to another 3rd party desktop search provider. Because of Microsoft's effort to prevent a… Read More

Windows XP Supported Upgrade Paths

with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

What are the Windows XP supported update paths? You can upgrade most Windows client operating systems directly to Windows XP Professional. If you upgrade instead of doing a new installation, you will not lose the existing settings and applications on the partition. When preparing for an upgrade, you should first complete the tasks listed on… Read More

Change Mouse Wheel Scroll Rate

by Daniel Petri

How can I change the mouse's wheel scroll rate? The mouse wheel is very handy when you want to scroll through Office documents or Web pages.  By default, wheel mice move up or down three lines for each notch you roll on the mouse wheel. While you can adjust this setting within the software that… Read More

Add Logo and Support Information to Vista

by Daniel Petri

As you may remember, in my "How can I change or add OEM logo and information on my computer?" article, one could easily add support information such as manufacturer information, support link and other information, plus a small image of the manufacturer's logo. This information was inserted by manufacturers that sold pre-installed computers and laptops,… Read More