SQL Server

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What is StreamInsight?

by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

What does StreamInsight mean for customers?While OLTP databases have matured and are capable of processing thousands of transactions per second; they are not optimized for processing continuous high volume, low latency streams of data. Microsoft’s innovative StreamInsight™ platform allows customers to use their own proprietary algorithms to build custom real-time applications, ISVs to build industry… Read More

Top 4 Reasons to Move to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 expands on the value delivered in SQL Server 2008 with new technologies and capabilities specifically designed to make actionable intelligence accessible to all employees in the enterprise. It delivers a comprehensive data platform that provides built-in security, availability, and scale coupled with robust business intelligence offerings—helping enable high service levels… Read More

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