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    What is PowerPivot?

    by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

    What is PowerPivot?PowerPivot (formerly known as Project Gemini) is our latest and hottest business intelligence innovation and intended to finally make BI accessible & easy to the masses using the #1 BI tool in the world: Microsoft Excel. PowerPivot actually consist of a client add-in for Excel 2010 called PowerPivot for Excel and a server… Read More

    What is Application and Multi-server Management in SQL Server 2008 R2?

    by Petri IT Knowledgebase Team

    What is Application and Multi-server Management?Microsoft’s investments in Application and Multi-server Management will help organizations manage database environments more efficiently at scale with visibility into resource utilization for consolidation and improved efficiencies across the application lifecycle. These improvements will offer DBAs increased visibility and control, resource optimization, and efficiencies, ultimately leading to a healthier, more… Read More