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    Recover Protected Office Documents

    by Daniel Petri

    How can I open protected MS Excel files if I lost (or never knew) the password for opening them? Loosing a password for an important document could become a real problem. At best, it means that you loose some time recovering the password or retyping all the data. Current password recovery solutions offer brute-force tools… Read More

    Secure IPSec Policy Agent

    with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

    How can I prevent other users from disabling the IPSEC Policy Agent service? In previous articles I've showed you how to protect your computer with the IPSEC mechanism (see Block Ping Traffic with IPSec, Block Web Browsing but Allow Intranet Traffic with IPSec and Block Web Browsing with IPSec). These articles describe how an administrator… Read More

    Shavlik HFNetChk Pro/LT

    by Daniel Petri

    Featuring Shalvik's exclusive PatchPush, HFNetChkPro is the easiest way to manage security patches on your network, keeping your network safe. You no longer need to walk to each computer to install patches, or track security patches by hand. HFNetChkPro does this job for you, providing significant time savings in dealing with the large number of… Read More

    How to Post to Newsgroups Without Getting spammed?

    by Daniel Petri

    How should I post messages to newsgroups without getting spam and viruses? Featured Product: Free AntiSpam for Exchange! DNS Blacklist checking & more - GFI MailEssentials. A fully functional 30-day trial is available for download. Newsgroups allow you to "post" messages (called a "posting"), respond to others' posts, and even download files they've left there… Read More