Exchange Server

Change the POP3 Banner

by Daniel Petri

How can I change the POP3 banner seen when connecting to my Exchange server? MS KB article 303513 has more: When you connect to an Exchange 2000/2003 server with the Post Office Protocol (POP) you receive a banner that is similar to the following: Microsoft Exchange 2003 POP3 server version 6.0.4417.0 (your_server_name) ready. Note: The… Read More

Configure Instant Messaging SRV Records

by Daniel Petri

How can I configure Instant Messaging SRV records on Exchange 2000? The problem When you configure IM on your network (See Configure Instant Messaging) you must configure user accounts and IM clients. Those users must log on to the IM service by using their usernames and domain names, but not as a regular e-mail address… Read More

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    Change the SMTP Banner

    with 1 Comment by Daniel Petri

    How can I change the SMTP banner seen when connecting to my Exchange server via Telnet? MS KB articles 281224 and 836564 have more: When you use Telnet to connect to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service of a Windows 2000/2003-based server (regardless of whether it is running Exchange 2000/2003), the following banner is… Read More

    Creating Exchange Users with Excel

    by Daniel Petri

    In previous articles we discussed tools that create users and their mailboxes in Active Directory. LDIFDE has been mentioned and also VBScripts. However, the most powerful and flexible tool in my opinion is Excel. Excel can read information from various formats and can serve as a handy intermediary. You can manipulate the information in Excel… Read More

    Combating Spam with Greylisting

    by Daniel Petri

    Greylisting is quickly emerging as the new weapon that can be effectively used to fight against spam. Greylisting is somewhat related to whitelisting and blacklisting, but instead of specifying who is on your white or black lists, Greylisting works in a different way. Each time a mailbox receives an e-mail from an unknown contact, that… Read More

    Configure ISA to Publish OWA

    by Daniel Petri

    How can I configure Internet Security and Acceleration Server to publish OWA on an Internal Exchange Server? The ISA Server allows for traditional mail server protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and so on) to be published easily under the Server Publishing Rules node. However, no ISA Server wizard automates publishing an internal mail server that allows… Read More