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When we decided to embark on this journey together we looked at what other technology-based talk shows had done and while many of them are very interesting many of them will put you to sleep rapidly. So our goal was to do something different that would eliminate the “snooze factor.” We also thought, where else can you find women willing to share their viewpoints on enterprise IT tech in a live, open environment? Nowhere! So here we are, excited to introduce a talk show led by Phoummala Schmitt, Theresa Miller and Melissa Palmer. We have each engaged with customers in different ways over the past 18 years. Experiencing IT from the perspective of the end user, the customer, the consultant and value-added reseller (VAR) and will bring that diversity to our show. WE look forward to sharing OUR thoughts with YOU!

— Theresa, Phoummala and Melissa

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