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File Servers Training Labs

by Daniel Petri

File Servers Learning Labs A review of Train Signal’s Windows 2000/2003 File Servers Video Lab Training – Product Details. See more details at Train Signal's website. I start at the beginning of Lab 2 with the Concepts video. Here Scott delves into RAID, Software and Hardware versions with the advantages, disadvantages being discussed along with Basic… Read More

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    My BOOT.INI file uses a weird SIGNATURE() syntax that I’ve never seen before. In Windows NT 4.0, this always said SCSI() instead. What’s that?

    by Daniel Petri

    Beginning with Windows 2000, Microsoft has updated the Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) syntax in BOOT.INI to support the SIGNATURE() syntax, which offers a more accurate method for Windows 2000 to boot up in certain conditions. You will see this syntax, which is otherwise identical to SCSI(), if you install Windows 2000 on a hard drive… Read More

    How can I control whether Windows 2000’s dynamic disk upgrade is available on my computer?

    by Daniel Petri

    Windows 2000 introduced the concept of dynamic disks, which let you implement RAID-type disk configurations (e.g., disk mirroring, fault-tolerant striping) and make disk and volume changes without rebooting. Although Microsoft doesn't support dynamic disks on most laptops, you can enable a dynamic disk on your laptop. Alternatively, you might want to prevent users from upgrading… Read More