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    How do I install and configure a new Windows 2000 DNS server to prepare for a new AD Domain?

    with 3 Comments by Daniel Petri

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Active Directory locator in Windows 2000. Active Directory clients and client tools use DNS to locate domain controllers for administration and logon. You must have a DNS server installed and configured for Active Directory and the associated client software to function correctly. This article guides you through the… Read More

    Consolidating Multiple Windows Domains

    by Brien Posey

    If you're considering bringing Windows Server 2008 onto your network, then one of the decisions that you will eventually have to make is how you plan to integrate this new operating system into your network.  In the vast majority of cases, Windows Server 2008 domain controllers are simply added to existing domains, or some of… Read More

    Active Directory Offline Defragmentation

    by Daniel Petri

    How do I defragment the Active Directory to make it smaller in size? The size of NTDS.DIT will often be different sizes across the domain controllers in a domain. Remember that Active Directory is a multi-master independent model where updates are occurring in each of the domain controllers with the changes being replicated over time… Read More

    Active Directory Restore Mode Trick

    by Daniel Petri

    How does Ntdsutil.exe know it's in Directory Restore mode? NTDSUTIL is a tool used for many Active Directory database maintenance tasks, such as defragmenting the DB, moving the DB and/or log files to a different place, cleaning the DB and more. NTDSUTIL will allow you to perform many of it's functions while the DC is… Read More