Active Directory

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Upgrade Windows 2000 GPO with XP Features

by Daniel Petri

How do I upgrade a Windows 2000 Active Directory Group Policy object (GPO) to support the new features in Windows XP? Windows XP Professional supports a superset of the Group Policy features supported by Windows 2000. These features are available by using updated extension components the clients, .adm files, and an updated Group Policy snap-in.… Read More

Recovering Deleted Items in Active Directory

with 18 Comments by Daniel Petri

Active Directory is a hierarchical database that holds information about the network’s resources such as computers, servers, users, groups and more. The main purpose of Active Directory is to provide central authentication and authorization services. Normal administrative tasks when working with Active Directory include creating, managing, moving, editing and sometimes – deleting – various objects… Read More

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    Windows 2000 Domain Rename

    by Daniel Petri

    Can I rename my Windows 2000 Domain? The short answer is YES and NO. :-) You can rename a Windows 2000 Server AD Domain only if it's still configured as a Mixed mode domain. Note: Windows Server 2003 AD Domains CAN be renamed (see Windows 2003 Domain Rename page for more info). MS KB 292541… Read More