Active Directory

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Web Servers Training Labs

by Chris G Breen

A review of Train Signal’s Web Servers Video Lab Training – Product Details. See more details at Train Signal's website. We start with the Concepts video where the advantages and disadvantages of various web servers are discussed: IIS 4, IIS5 & IIS6 and Apache (Apache being the dominant server at this point in time) Difference between… Read More

Editing Additional Attributes of User Objects

by Daniel Petri

How can I edit additional attributes for user objects in Active Directory Users and Computers? As mentioned in my Add Additional Attributes to the User Objects article, an administrator can easily add additional attributes to existing object classes in the Active Directory Schema. Although extending the Schema is not for the faint of heart, and… Read More

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    List all Users and Groups in Domain

    with 8 Comments by Daniel Petri

    There are many tools and utilities designed to do so, but none are native W2K GUI. There are no graphical or command line utilities that produce comprehensive reports on groups, users and permissions included with the Windows Operating System or the Resource Kit. The NET commands and the Windows Resource Kit ADDUSERS.EXE and PERMS.EXE utilities… Read More

    Troubleshooting Dcpromo Errors

    with 7 Comments by Daniel Petri

    What are the most common DNS related Dcpromo errors? How do I fix them? Some common issues that you may encounter with Active Directory installation and configuration can cause a partial or complete loss of functionality in Active Directory. These issues may include, but not be limited to: Domain Name System (DNS) configuration errors. Network… Read More

    Event logs archiving with GPO

    by Daniel Petri

    In some environments the company policy requires that security logs of Domain Controllers are configured to retain information X days into the past. Requiring such a setting means 2 things: You can not configure the Event Log to override events as needed (if the log reaches it's maximal size) The log file can grow to… Read More

    First DC in Domain Problem

    with 2 Comments by Daniel Petri

    Why do Windows 2000-based clients connect only to the Domain Controller that was upgraded first in a Mixed-Mode Domain? After you upgrade the first of multiple Windows NT Server 4.0-based domain controllers to Windows 2000 or to Windows Server 2003, all of the domain's Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP-based clients connect to that domain… Read More