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Wesley David is a Systems Engineer, blogger and business owner with experience in Windows, Linux, Networks and even pest control (a word of warning to all scorpions: don’t even try). He enjoys sharing what he knows with anyone who will listen.

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Introduction to Data Deduplication

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Wesley David discusses data deduplication and why all system admins should consider utilizing it. Duplicate data can lead to system inefficiencies and unnecessary costs in your system’s storage arrays. In this introductory post, Wesley covers what deduplication actually is, the different types of deduplication and helps you decide what would be the best option for you.

Windows Image Deployment with FOG

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Whether you have five or 5,000 PCs, managing your OS images is a crucial part of your IT infrastructure. Done well, an image management solution can free up your time and make your help desk (and by extension your users) blissful. Done poorly or not at all and you have entered the misty realms of […]

Real World Solutions with Virtual Reality
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VR is being utilized for a surprising number of vital business functions today. In this white paper, you’ll get an overview of VR technology and see how it’s a vital part of many industries today.

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