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Tony Redmond is an independent consultant who specializes in Microsoft collaboration technology. He runs his own consulting company and advises many companies on how to best develop, use, or exploit Microsoft technology, He has written 15 books and is the lead author of the "Office 365 for IT Pros" ebook.

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  • Microsoft Cloud Network

    Network Principles for Office 365 Connectivity

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    Two simple principles are key for Office 365 network connectivity. Keep things simple and get user data to a Microsoft edge node as quickly as possible. However, some organizations insist on using VPNs and proxy servers to interfere with Office 365 network traffic, which slows things down and makes users unhappy. It's strange that people haven't gotten the message after so many years...

    Content Searches Office 365

    Dealing with Protected Documents Found by Office 365 Content Searches

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    Office 365 content searches can find all sorts of information, but they cannot decrypt protected files in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business sites. This prompts the question of how to deal with protected files exported by a search. As it turns out, the combination of a rights management superuser and some PowerShell makes short work of unprotecting files so that they can be read by all.

    Office 365 Hero

    Adding Photos for Office 365 Guests

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    Office 365 apps like Teams, Groups, Planner, and SharePoint support guest user access, so they create guest accounts. Those accounts are pretty bare-boned, but you can liven them up by adding details, including user photos - which you might just copy from LinkedIn.

    Microsoft Launches Exchange 2019 Into Preview

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    Microsoft has just launched the preview version of Exchange 2019. The good news is that it's a new version. What might be unexpected is the lack of new features. Some worthy plumbing won't turn user heads, but then again, when you're the best standalone email server on the planet, do you need to change very much? Dropping Unified Messaging will cause some brows to darken. Expect some sparks at Ignite.

    Office 365 with Teams

    Teams Brings Inline Translation to the Masses

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    Microsoft Teams now supports inline translation for messages and personal chats. The translation is done by Microsoft Translator for over 60 languages, and it works well. A couple of small glitches might occur in translation, but Microsoft Translator is probably better at generating foreign language text than you are...

    Inside the Free Version of Teams

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    A free version of Teams is now available and it's pretty good. Up to 300 users, free storage, and lots of functionality - and a phantom Office 365 tenant (or so it seems). The nice people at Slack might not like what they see, but there's fierce competition to secure the hearts and minds of those who choose to collaborate using a free platform.

    Teams Splash

    Archiving Teams the Official Way

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    Microsoft Teams has introduced a way for Office 365 tenants to archive teams. Basically you set the team to be read-only, a status that affects conversations and files. However, it doesn't stop team members having read-write access to other group resources, like Planner or Power BI.

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