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For his day job Tom Finnis is Technical Operations Manager at help4IT - a London, UK based company specialising in outsourced IT support for small to medium enterprises. As well as his Petri articles he also blogs on a range of IT subjects on the help4IT website.

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  • attach VHD

    Converting VMware VMDK Files to Microsoft’s VHD Format and VHD to VMDK

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    There are two popular and mutually incompatible virtual disk file formats in common use today: VMware's VMDK format and Microsoft's VHD format. In order to attach a VHD disk to a VMware virtual machine, or vice-versa, you have to convert it first. This guide by virtualization and storage expert Tom Finnis explains how to use Starwind's V2V Converter utility to do just that, with a detailed example explaining how to convert a VMDK virtual disk to VHD format and then mount it in a Windows system in order to edit the files it contains.

    GPart Resize

    How to Resize Windows Virtual Machine Disks

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    As fast as hard drive capacities grow, so does the amount of data users expect to store on them. In this post, storage expert Tom Finnis shows how to re-size existing drives in Windows, when what may have seemed like plenty of storage when you first installed a Windows VM is now not enough.

    How to Install ESXi 5 – The Free VMware vSphere Hypervisor

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    ESXi5 is the latest version of VMware's virtualization hypervisor, which enables multiple virtual machines to run simultaneously on a single physical host, and is free to download and use. In this article Tom Finnis describes the new features in this version and discusses how you might benefit from installing it, whilst covering the basics like hardware requirements and the installation procedure.

    Moving Mailboxes to Exchange 2010 and the BadItemLimit

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    Exchange 2010 has made the process of upgrading much easier, and now includes a simple wizard to assist with moving mailboxes to your new server. SBS and Exchange expert Tom Finnis provides a guide for moving mailboxes to Exchange 2010, including step-by-step instructions for using the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) to override the BadItemLimit when moving large mailboxes.

    How to Backup Fault Tolerant VMs in vSphere 4

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    vSphere based backup solutions such as VMware Data Recovery and Veeam Backup and Replication v5 rely on vSphere's snapshot technology to backup live VMs, which excludes Fault Tolerant VMs as they do not allow snapshots. In this article, Tom Finnis explains how to use custom scripts to work around these restrictions and enable regular scheduled backups of Fault Tolerance protected Virtual Machines.

    Planning for vSphere: Key Considerations for a Successful Deployment

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    Whether you're planning on virtualizing the majority of your existing servers or just using it as part of your infrastructure, vSphere4 represents a major investment for most SME IT managers. This article is aimed at helping you plan for implementing your own vSphere4 Infrastructure, from meeting system requirements to choosing appropriate licensing options, and all options in between.

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