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Pat Richard is a Senior Consulting Engineer for Mimosa Systems. Pat has been working with messaging environments since the MS Mail days, and spends a majority of his time designing and implementing enterprise messaging solutions based around Microsoft Exchange. Complex migrations and implementations, as well as large scale upgrades, are his specialty. Several years ago, he was given the Microsoft MVP award for his contributions to the Exchange community. A published author, Pat continues to be active online, assisting others with Exchange-related issues.

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  • Transport Rules: Adding a disclaimer

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    Many businesses incorporate a disclaimer or footer at the bottom of their outbound messages. These disclaimers often advise as to the limitation or ramifications of using information within the message for purposes other than they were intended, or to assert ownership of creative works contained in them. While there is always a debate as to […]

    SCW for Exchange Server 2007 – Part I

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    What is the Security Configuration Wizard (SCW)? The Security Configuration Wizard is a security tool that reduces the attack surface of an Exchange server by disabling unnecessary services, ports, features, and programs. Additionally, the wizard configures auditing and the Windows Firewall, secures network interfaces, and more. In doing so, we further secure a server to […]

    Optimizing PowerShell in Exchange 2007

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    PowerShell introduces a substantial amount of flexibility and possibilities. With Microsoft introducing PowerShell in more products, we have the ability to perform tasks amongst several different resources, all from within a PowerShell window. Given the potential, it’s easy to spend a fair amount of time in PowerShell. It’s time now to make the environment a […]

    Monitoring your network with Lansweeper

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    Why monitor the network? One of the hardest tasks to handle in a medium to large network is tracking various assets. This includes computers and their installed hardware, and installed software and related licenses. Fortunately, Lansweeper from Hemoco Software comes to the rescue with a simple to install, simple to use application. Using a small […]

    Add the Outlook 2003 Icon Back to the Desktop

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    How do I add the Outlook 2003 icon back to the desktop, just like the Outlook 2000/XP used to have? If you have installed Outlook 2003, you may notice that the launch icon is no longer placed on the desktop. This change was made because of the new “clean screen” strategy, which is one of […]