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CTO at Onsight Helsinki, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Certified Master, MCT Regional Lead, Author. Professional goals: c:\Microsoft\*.*. Over 20 years’ experience on the Microsoft platform. Started with a VIC-20 in 1981, so it’s been a long but rewarding road so far! I have outstanding skills and understanding on the Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as traditional on-premises deployments and architectures. I’ve been very focused on SharePoint and Office 365 for the past +10 years. In the recent years I’ve shifted my focus slightly to hybrid architectures and cloud-based approaches. I’m able to communicate and create value on the CxO level on all things Microsoft. I’m one of the selected few in the world to have attained the highest technical certification from Microsoft, the Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint, as well as the Microsoft MVP award.

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