Author: John O’Neill Sr.

During his 20+ years in the IT industry, John has enjoyed the opportunity to work as a consultant, architect, executive, speaker, and author. He’s been involved in multi-national networking, messaging, and communications projects as well as finding solutions for small mom and pop shops allowing them to use technology to increase business opportunity and decrease operational complexity.

John has authored material for both Thomson-Reuters’ Aspatore Books and Exec Blueprints publications. He regularly contributes technology articles to the online community in addition to developing exciting training courses for the best IT training company in the world, TrainSignal.

John often speaks at IT events around the nation. Recently he has been a featured presenter on innovative technology solutions for the enterprise at conferences such as TechMentor, Live!360, the NEOSA CIO Summit, and the Northeast Ohio Technology Summit. When he’s not presenting at a conference, John can often be found leading informative webinars.

John is proud to be the North East Ohio Software Association’s CIO of the Year Award recipient in 2012.

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