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Joe Rinehart (CCIE #14256, CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, CCVP, MBA) is a seasoned Cisco professional with over 14 years of experience, supporting Fortune 500 Companies in deploying routing, switching, unified communications, security, and data center technologies. Joe is a professional trainer specializing in technology, business and social media. He has developed and taught relevant, entertaining courses in many settings, including one at a nationally recognized college. Joe is also a successful speaker and published author, and is active in the social media space, managing one of the largest groups on LinkedIn.

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    Troubleshooting VLAN and Switch Problems

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    In Part 1 of this two-part video post, seasoned Cisco professional Joe Rinehart takes you through step-by-step how to troubleshoot VLAN and switch problems. He discusses common general switch issues, VLAN related issues, and spanning-tree issues, as well as VLAN/switch troubleshooting techniques.

    Cisco CCNP Route – BGP Troubleshooting

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    In this video post, Joe Rinehart of TrainSignal explores Border Gateway Protocol Troubleshooting techniques to four of the more common issues that can arise on your BGP. Joe covers neighbor relationship problems, route advertisement issues, routes missing from the table, and address summarization problems. A great post for anyone that is going to take the Cisco CCNP Route exam.

    Wireless LAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting Part 1

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    In this first part of his two part series, Joe Rinehart goes over basic system maintenance of a wireless LAN system and its components including the Wireless LAN Controller, Access Point, and the Wireless Control System. From there, Joe explains a proven troubleshooting model that efficiently helps diagnose and ultimately solve issues on the LAN.