Author: J. Peter Bruzzese

J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft MVP, Triple-MCSE, MCT, MCITP: Enterprise Messaging, is the co-founder of an end-user training solution called In addition, he is an internationally published author with over a dozen titles to his name. He is a technical speaker for various conference venues including Techmentor, Connections and, at times, Tech Ed. He writes for both online and in-print tech publications like Redmond Magazine, WindowsITPro, Tech Target’s and others. For several years he has been the mind behind the Enterprise Windows column for InfoWorld. J. P. B. loves teaching and has applied his energies to screencast instruction with a variety of series on Exchange 2010 and 2013 availability through Pluralsight. More recently JPB focused attention on a side of the Exchange/O365 community that needed help… the “newbies” and he wrote short (150 page) book entitled “Conversational Exchange (in 10 days!)” to help folks learn the conceptual side to Exchange (without all the how-to, step-by-step info). In his spare time…well, let’s face it folks…with all that JPB has no spare time.

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