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David Davis is a virtualization evangelist at Pluralsight.com, the global leader in video training for IT pros. He holds several certifications including VCP5, VCAP-DCA, and CCIE #9369. He has been awarded the VMware vExpert award 5 years running. Additionally, Davis has spoken at major conferences like VMworld and authored hundreds of articles for websites and print publications, mostly around virtualization, for respected publications like Virtualization Review and ComputerWorld. His blog is VirtualizationSoftware.com.

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    vChat: The Latest in Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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    vChat is a regular virtualization video chat covering VMware vSphere, cloud computing, virtualization news, and some geeky humor. Regular contributors are vExperts Simon Seagrave, Eric Siebert and David Davis. See the latest vChat episodes with special guests including Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, John Arrasjid, John Troyer, Rich Brambley and more.

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