Author: Chuck Miller

Relatively new to the IT field, Chuck Miller exhibited nerdish tendencies from early childhood, following in the stop-motion animation footsteps of Ray Harryhausen. The original Star Trek TV series was a guilty pleasure as a pre-teen, followed by Star Wars and Doctor Who as a young adult. However, in 1988 Chuck purchased his first computer and since then his inner nerd has reigned unbridled.

Vocationally, Chuck has experience as a publisher, editor, journalist and software consultant. For over two decades he has served as a technology journalist filling editorial roles at Computer Gaming World, Kids & Computers, Enchanted Realms, and GamePower, and has penned hundreds of articles for more than 20 publications including c|net’s Gamecenter, Computer User, Game Developer Magazine, and TechBuilder.

In 2008 he made the transition from the world of Windows to the Apple echo-sphere and now spends most of his time engaged with Mac and iOS software and hardware. He also openly admits to a fondness for bluegrass, jazz and hits from the 60’s and 70’s, is an avid science-fiction and fantasy aficionado, and anxiously awaits the arrival of transporters and food replicators.