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Hyper-V Overview

Introduced soon after the launch of Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V is Microsoft's virtualization technology that forms the core of a family of products that compete directly with VMware's suite of virtualization offerings. While Hyper-V was initially considered to be a less capable product that VMware's virtualization platform, Microsoft has aggressively updated the product with several updates, and Hyper-V is now widely considered to be feature competitive with VMware.

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Recent Hyper-V Articles

Manually Install a Guest OS in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine

By Aidan Finn - August 20, 2014

Aidan Finn shows us how to manually install a guest operating system (OS) in a Hyper-V virtual machine (VM).

The Best Hyper-V Training Resources

By Aidan Finn - August 12, 2014

Looking to brush up on your Hyper-V skills? Aidan Finn serves up a comprehensive listing of some of the best online and offline Hyper-V learning resources.

How Do I Manage Hyper-V?

By Aidan Finn - August 5, 2014

Need to learn the basics of managing Hyper-V? Aidan Finn gives us the run-down on the most important Hyper-V management tasks.

What are Hyper-V Protected Networks?

By Aidan Finn - August 4, 2014

Learn when you may want to use the Hyper-V protected network feature to protect virtual machines connected to your physical network when there's an unexpected

Editor's Picks

Boot a Hyper-V Virtual Machine from a USB Drive

By Peter De Tender - January 21, 2013

Can't get enough virtualization? Learn how to boot a Hyper-V VM to a USB drive in this tutorial by IT pro Peter de Tender.

How to Import Hyper-V Virtual Machines from a Backup

By Jeff Hicks - November 5, 2012

Learn how to import Hyper-V virtual machines using Hyper-V Manager and Powershell with this helpful tutorial by Jeff Hicks.

How to Export Hyper-V Virtual Machines

By Jeff Hicks - October 18, 2012

We're back to backups! Jeff Hicks shows how to export Hyper-V virtual machines using PowerShell and Hyper-V Manager.

Hyper-V Backup Tools: New and Improved

By David Davis - July 2, 2012

While there are many backup tools out there, they aren't all created equal. In this post, vExpert David Davis goes through the various types of backup tools

Moving a Virtual Machine Between Hyper-V Hosts

By Daniel Petri - November 1, 2010

Daniel outlines 3 possible solutions for migrating a virtual machine between Hyper-V hosts. He discusses minimizing downtime of the VM and limiting the effect

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