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by Daniel Petri - January 8, 2009

Administrative Tools and Scripts has partnered with GanoTools to bring you GanoTool's latest and most anticipated free Administrative Tools.

With these great new set of tools your life as an IT pro will become much easier (oh well, not your actual day-to-day life, but you do get my point, don't you?).

Whenever you have to complete an annoying task such as create 200 new users in Active Directory, change your domain print server and distribute the new settings for everyone, insert your 'Helpdesk' group to each computer's local administrator group and so on, you'll find that the tools on this page will let you go out home earlier than you used to before having these tools.

You can also find on this page some very helpful utilities and scripts that might improve your login scripts and help you do things you couldn't before, not with the regular lame scripting capabilities of the regular set of features found in the Windows GUI.

These tools can only be found here, on, and are provided free of cost.

Please feel free to contact me if you have new ideas or things you would like to script but don't know how, or if you'd like to contribute to this section .

GanoTools tools and scripts

(Sorted in alphabetical order)

  • Add 2 Local Group - Adds users to the local groups on your computers
  • Change Print Server - Change mapped printers via script
  • DelDate - Delete files based on date
  • DispCompInfo - Displays the computer name, IP address and a text message on the user’s desktop
  • GPDrivesOptions - Control drive blocking via GPO
  • IconZone - Icon, TCP/IP and Proxy setting automation
  • InGroup - Run scripts based upon group membership
  • InOU - Run scripts based upon OU membership
  • KillPol - Temporarily remove policy restriction for the current user
  • OrgBuilder - Build AD structure from a file
  • RegPol - Import .REG files even with GPO restrictions in place
  • RenameNTGroup - Easily rename NT 4.0 Local and Global groups
  • Send Mail - Send mail from script
  • StartBut - Disable/Enable the Start Button
  • TreeMD - Create directory trees

Other tools and scripts

These tools are hosted on but are not part of the GanoTools collection. Still, you might find some very useful.

(Sorted in alphabetical order)

You can find more scripts and tips on the Active Directory and Networking sections, so make sure you look there too.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Try the Search, Contents, Site Structure and Site News pages.


No support of any sort will be given for this script/tool or for any other script/tool found on the website for that matter. If you need to contact us with any support issues, feedback or suggestions regarding the tool(s) and script(s) found on this page please write an e-mail to THIS address.


The software available from GanoTools is FREEWARE, however, it is NOT in the Public Domain. Asaf Ganot retains the copyright for this work. You can use it freely but do not claim it for your own or charge others money for it.

Use these tools at your own risk. They are provided for your own personal use and enjoyment and Asaf Ganot nor Daniel Petri nor do not provide any warranty for them, nor they will be held responsible for any result allegedly caused by use or misuse of any of the tools found on this page.

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