The Friday Funny: Windows Azure Rap, Yo

by Kara Luger - November 9, 2012

On the heels of our coverage of Windows Azure IaaS, we found this video in which world's fastest rapper NoClue was enlisted to help Microsoft promote their Windows Azure Fast Contest.

So what does hip-hop have to say about cloud technology? Checkity-check the lyrics under the video, homes. (Personally, I'm hoping "hadoop"and "mongoDB" will enter into the hip-hop lexicon.)

Somebody better ... Stop me,
Wait a minute ... They're not me,
Windows Azure got my back can't stop me,
Now ... Watch me,
Scaling web applications so promptly,
Organizing everything in a platform cloud,
Keeping everything together floating around,
Moving at the speed of light never slowing us down,
Comprise three recourses holding it down,
SaaS, software, paaS, platform, IaaS, infrastructure, together it last
We're thinking outside the box,
Staring though Windows,
Secured in a Microsoft data center,
Files send those,
Hosting storage see they commend those,
Management compute,
That's Azure Windows,

Modern day Manzoni, only in my prim and leaving them lonely,
Lonely oenone, there's nothing better you can show me homie,
I'll be using it and moving quicker then anybody,
It's not a hobby, and if you know... me, you know that

Put them in the back of an online backpack,
Moving... this quick so we don't lack,
Wait a minute..., no we gone quick, and that's that
Window Azure moving forward never back,

Staring through windows looking at hadoop, mongoDB, java, were on top
php, python—you can run them quickly.

Hosting storage they commend those.
Content Delivery Network, it's in those.
Creating websites in seconds Azure Windows.

Spinning VM's


Now you can travel light and at that same speed.


Azure Windows, we in this.

Ride with me to the future at full speed.

(Convinced by NoClue's rhymes? Try Windows Azure's 90-day free trial.)

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