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Your email address will be known only by us. We will not sell, rent, or loan your name to third parties for email marketing. When you subscribe to a Petri IT Knowledgebase email newsletter, we collect only enough information to allow us to deliver the newsletters to which you’ve subscribed. On occasion you may receive an IT announcement from on behalf of our sponsors.


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Cookies are a good thing, but only when used in a responsible manner to help our visitors, not to snoop on them. We use cookies (1) to identify shoppers with their shopping carts, (2) to make it easy for you order a second time, (3) to allow you to store passwords if you so desire, (4) to give proper credit for sales made through links on our affiliates' sites, and (5) to track general statistics and site referrals. We do not collect or use information from cookies to develop a profile about you.

You should note that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your web browser or using web beacons to collect information for advertising purposes.

You are free to clear the cookies from your browser or prevent your browser from accepting cookies.

These policies apply to all websites owned by and If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy or information collected on our site, please contact us via our Feedback page.

Updated March 25th, 2013