“What’s the Best Application for Burning ISO’s?”

Lately we've received a lot of reader mail asking us what we recommend for a feature-complete ISO burning application. We used to recommend a using a mash-up of different applications to cover off all the types of disks and formats you may want to record an image from.

Recently however, iWellSoft sent us an evaluation copy of iWellSoft's Power ISO. Suffice it to say, we didn't know what we were missing. iWellSoft has been making these applications since early 2006, and it shows in PowerISO's polish and ease-of-use.

iwellsoft-burn-screens iwellsoft-order-button2

Why We Changed our Minds...

Frankly, ISO images available today for software, movies, or backups are getting bigger and bigger. CD's used to have adequate storage at 700mb for burning most software image files, but not anymore. It's not uncommon now to run into .ISO images well over 4.7gb, even beyond the storage capacity of a standard blank DVD.

For some of these larger .ISO image sizes, you need to be able to burn to a 'dual-layer' DVD blank. Spanning ISO burns over multiple disks is also now possible with PowerISO.

None of the standard shareware applications we used to recommend can handle these larger storage requirements, particularly when used with Windows XP. As a result, we've discussed it and now recommend iWellSoft's .ISO burning program.

What Power ISO Offers that Others Don't

Copy and burn everything:

  • Burn any size of .ISO image file with the easiest interface available
  • Copy an entire 9GB DVD movie onto a standard 4.7GB DVD up to 60% faster
  • Quickly back up to CDs, DVDs, DVD-Dual Layer, even networked volumes/disks
  • Create your own .ISO files for instant disk clone backups
  • Copy discs in a few clicks, including the latest DVD-DL disks
  • Create virtual disc drives and load disc images
  • Stay organized by cataloging disc contents - search for disc content even when the discs are not in the drive
  • Span large files and projects across multiple CDs or DVDs
  • Burn a disc and create a disc image file at the same time
  • Backup your favorite audio, movies or TV shows to your PC
  • Fully compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • And a TON more features....