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Exchange Overview

Microsoft Exchange is one of the world’s most popular email server platforms, and first appeared in 1993. Exchange has grown to support and integrate many other communication technologies, including unified communications, instant messaging, email web access, group calendaring and scheduling, and IP telephony. The most current version is Exchange 2013, which was released in October 2012.

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Recent Exchange Articles

An Introduction to Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

By J. Peter Bruzzese - September 16, 2014

J. Peter Bruzzese provides an introduction to Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft's latest solution for protecting your Exchange server from malware and spam.

OWA bug allows bypass of Microsoft Exchange Legal Hold feature

By J. Peter Bruzzese - September 4, 2014

A new bug in OWA allows bypass of Microsoft Exchange legal hold. J. Peter Bruzzese explains what legal hold is and what the glitch means for Exchange admins.

Adjusting Exchange Online Deleted Item Retention

By J. Peter Bruzzese - August 28, 2014

Learn how to adjust deleted item retention limits for Microsoft Exchange Online in this how-to article by J. Peter Bruzzese.

Exchange 2010 Cross-Forest Migration: GAL Sync and Enabling MRS Proxy

By Krishna Kumar - August 26, 2014

In this second installment of our article series on Exchange 2010 cross-forest migration we perform a GAL Sync and Enable MRS Proxy.

Editor's Picks

Manually Seed an Exchange 2010 DAG Database

By Phoummala Schmitt - January 23, 2013

Manually seeding a database isn’t common, but it's good in a pinch. Learn to manually seed an Exchange 2010 DAG database in this tutorial.

Configure Exchange 2010 to Receive Emails for Other Domains

By Phoummala Schmitt - January 14, 2013

Need to your Exchange servers to go outside your internal domain? No problem! Learn to configure Exchange 2010 to receive emails from external domains via GUI

Performing a Remote Device Wipe with Exchange

By John O'Neill Sr. - January 9, 2013

IT pros need to know that they can reach out and erase a mobile device's data at a moment's notice. Learn how to remotely wipe a device using Exchange in this

AutoDiscover Configuration for Exchange 2007 and 2010

By Tom Finnis - March 5, 2012

AutoDiscover in Exchange is often overlooked but can provide some excellent functionality to your users, making it easier to setup new mail clients and

How to Enable IMAP Access to Exchange Mailboxes

By Tom Finnis - October 4, 2010

Virtually every modern email client supports the IMAP protocol. In this article, Microsoft Exchange expert Tom Finnis looks at the main reasons for implementing

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