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Cloud Computing Overview

In the cloud computing model, IT resources are accessed over the Internet (or another network) as a service. There are a variety of cloud computing models, including public cloud computing, where IT resources are shared among users who access the service over the Internet. A private cloud generally limits access to those resources, often has computing resources onsite, and is under more direct control by the customer using the service.

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Recent Cloud Computing Articles

How to Reserve Public Virtual IP Addresses in Microsoft Azure

By Russell Smith - July 24, 2014

Russell Smith shows us how to create a reserved Public Virtual IP address (VIP) in Microsoft Azure with his latest Ask an Admin post.

Provision Domain Controllers in Azure using PowerShell

By Russell Smith - July 23, 2014

Russell Smith shares a helpful PowerShell script to provision domain controllers in Microsoft Azure.

Deploying VNet-to-VNet VPNs in Azure

By Aidan Finn - July 15, 2014

Aidan Finn shows a step-by-step process for creating a VNet-to-VNet VPN to connect two virtual networks in the same or different Microsoft Azure regions or

Create and Configure a File Share using Azure Files

By Russell Smith - July 14, 2014

Learn how to easily create an SMB file share with the new Azure Files feature without provisioning a virtual machine.

Editor's Picks

Create a Minecraft Server Using Windows Azure IaaS

By Jeff James - May 6, 2013

Wondering what to do with the new Windows Azure IaaS service? Discover how to spool up a Minecraft server with Azure IaaS in this tutorial with John Savill.

Microsoft Updates Cloud OS Strategy

By Jeff James - January 16, 2013

Learn about Microsoft's recent updates, add-ons, and improvements to System Center 2012, Windows Intune, and Windows Azure -- all designed to give IT managers

What is VMware vCloud?

By David Davis - January 2, 2013

Virtualization guru David Davis discusses cloud computing and VMware's vCloud products in particular.

What Is Windows Azure IaaS?

By Matt Hester - November 7, 2012

Want to feel clear-headed about the cloud? Learn more as Matt Hester discusses cloud services such as Windows Azure Iaas and how it can work for you.

Top 3 Mistakes When Selecting Cloud Service Providers

By Avril Salter, Ph.D. - February 20, 2012

Avril Salter discusses the top 3 mistakes companies make when selecting a cloud service provider and what you can do to avoid them. This is the first post in a

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