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Jeff James is the Editorial Director for the Petri IT Knowledgebase. He was formerly the editor-in-chief of both Windows IT Pro and Microsoft Technet Magazine, and has served as an editorial director at the LEGO Company. Jeff has nearly 20 years of experience as a technology writer and journalist, and started writing technology articles for AmigaWorld, Computer Gaming World, and other tech publications and websites in the early 1990's.

Jeff's Recent Posts

How to Change the Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

By Jeff James - July 22, 2014

Tire of the default Windows 8.1 lock screen image? This tutorial shows you how to change the lock screen image and enable image slideshows.

Microsoft Replaces TechEd with Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

By Jeff James - July 21, 2014

Long live TechEd! Microsoft has just announced that it is replacing the TechED conference with a new “Microsoft unified technology event for enterprises.”

Microsoft to Cut 18,000 Jobs in Largest Layoff Ever

By Jeff James - July 17, 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced this morning than the company would layoff up to 18,000 employees within the next year.

Why the Microsoft Upgrade Treadmill is Broken

By Jeff James - July 11, 2014

Is the practice of upgrading to the latest Microsoft product upon release gone for good? Jeff argues that the traditional upgrade treadmill might be gone for good.

Choosing an Office 365 Subscription Plan

By Jeff James - June 30, 2014

Looking to make the move to Office 365? Learn about all the available Office 365 subscription plans and what they have to offer.

Microsoft Unveils Interflow Security Information Exchange Platform

By Jeff James - June 23, 2014

Microsoft has taken the wraps off Interflow, a new security and threat information exchange platform that runs on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft’s Julia White on Office 365, Satya Nadella, and One Microsoft

By Jeff James - June 17, 2014

Our interview with Microsoft’s Julia White concludes with a discussion of Office for the Mac and how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is changing the company.

Interview with Microsoft’s Julia White: Office 365 Growth and Adoption

By Jeff James - June 13, 2014

We chat with Microsoft’s Julia White about Office 365 growth and adoption, deployment tips, and upcoming features like Office Graph and the Codename Oslo app.

Interview with Amazon’s Jeff Barr: WorkSpaces and CloudFormation

By Jeff James - June 11, 2014

Our interview with Amazon Web Services Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr concludes with a discussion of Amazon WorkSpaces and CloudFormation.

Interview with Amazon’s Jeff Barr: AWS for Windows Server Admins

By Jeff James - June 9, 2014

Unfamiliar with AWS but looking to embrace the cloud? Our two-part interview with Amazon’s Jeff Barr begins with an AWS cloud primer for Windows Server admins.

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